Wrestling Mindset Checklist

Take 20 minutes and be brutally honest with yourself and you will have a good idea the area of your mindset you need to improve on. Take your time and think each question through.

Goal Setting

  1. Do I have a clear goal written down?
  2. Do I have a clear & specific action plan to improve in each area: Technical, Mindset, Nutrition, Strength/Conditioning that is written down?
  3. Do I take personal responsibility for my mistakes & weaknesses (or do I blame others)?

Mental Toughness

  1. Do I believe I am the most mentally tough person I have ever met?
  2. Do I go out of my way on a regular basis to wrestle better competition in practice & matches (or do I prefer to beat up on people worse than me to feel good about myself ie. Building a false sense of greatness)?


  1. Can I name the things get me fired up/inspired/motivated?
  2. Am I the most intense person I know?
  3. Is there a noticeable difference between the way I train and everyone else?

Relaxing under Pressure

  1. Do I feel great, energized, & awake before I step on the mat (as opposed to nervous, stressed, or tired)?
  2. Do I fall asleep without trouble the night before competitions?
  3. Can I name the things that suck the energy out of me?


  1. If I had to put my savings on it, do I believe I will accomplish my goal?
  2. Am I stubbornly Positive & Optimistic even when times are hard and when people around me are not?
  3. Do I take the many chances and risks when I compete and go for moves that I hit in practice?


  1. Do I know my “Go-To” moves in all common situations: #1 takedown, #1 turn on top, 1st move top, 1st move bottom, front headlock situation, mat return situation, clearing all opponents tie-ups on neutral, leg defense, funk situation, finishing takedowns, destroying the quad pod, etc.?
  2. When I compete, do I focus on scoring points in whatever position I am in (or do I think about the score, the time, the coaches, opponent, crowd, etc.?
  3. Can I name the situations that divert my attention from scoring points to winning/losing, looking bad, or anything other than scoring points?