Train Hard

The number one reason why wrestlers lack confidence in their abilities is because they simply don’t have enough to be confident about. Some wrestlers go through the motions during practice and don’t put forth the effort into improving technique or training hard to raise their level of conditioning. When it comes time for these wrestlers to compete, they know — either consciously or subconsciously — that they are not as prepared for battle as they should be. If you know you are not prepared, it is extremely hard to be confident against a quality opponent.

You need to work EXTREMELY hard and do so CONSISTENTLY.

Practicing hard and giving your best effort in everything you do will give you the confidence to win. Drill harder, lift harder, run harder and just work harder and you can be and will be more confident. By putting in the work while training, your mind and body are put to the test. By training hard, you will feel ready and able to compete successfully when it matters most.

Also, seeing your body develop is another huge confidence-builder. As you strengthen your muscles and improve your endurance, you will feel physically ready to battle with any opponent. Along with physical training comes proper diet and rest. Making sure that your body is healthy is another way to ensure that you are ready to compete at your best, which will also raise your confidence level.

Staying Positive

One common quality that successful wrestlers possess is the ability to stay positive through difficult and trying moments. Wrestling is a grueling sport, both mentally and physically. Most wrestling practices are intense and require a tough mind in order to push yourself through them and not pace yourself. The constant, hard-nosed competitive nature of the sport also weighs heavy on many wrestlers’ minds.

It will take time to reach your wrestling goals — this is a tough concept to learn. While most individuals want to see instant progress and success, wrestlers must be able to stay positive and optimistic through the tough times — even if it means delaying celebration of wins and accepting losses on the way. No matter what, if you keep putting in the work you will eventually reach your goals.

Refine Skills-Improve Technique

Fine tuning one’s skills is another huge confidence-booster in wrestling. Knowing that you have the skill and technique to win will raise your confidence as you prepare to compete. For all wrestlers, this starts with the basics; mastering fundamental wrestling skills will allow you to be successful at all levels. As you gain experience and start to face tougher competition, you can expand your knowledge and refine your techniques. Think of a wrestler that drills 100 leg attacks a day in season; he’ll feel extremely confident with his technique over time. He’ll be able to carry that confidence over to his matches, using the takedowns he drills to score points when he needs them the most.

The Big Picture

The information and suggestions above can help you improve your current confidence level. Increased confidence will help you compete at a higher level and will definitely benefit you in your biggest and toughest matches. When you step onto the mat to compete, you can’t rely on anyone like your teammates or your coach to win for you. The outcome of the match is in your hands. Wrestling demands physical attributes like strength, flexibility, and body awareness. But more importantly, it requires the hard work, confidence and mental toughness that we address in practice all the time.