In-season Evaluation

Now that most wrestlers have wrestled a significant number of matches it is time to evaluate your performance. It is critical that wrestlers improve from now until the end of the season and post season and to do so they must know where they currently are. In order to improve wrestlers must be aware of what is working and what is not working and then have a plan to make gains in all areas.

Answer these questions honestly and then discuss them with me or your coaches and parents.

  1. What was your best match this year? Why? Please be specific.
  2. What was your worst match? Why? Please be specific.
  3. When are you scoring most of your points?
  4. When are your opponents scoring most of their points?
  5. What is your go-to or most effective scoring technique?
  6. What is your least effective technique and position?
  7. How are you scoring?
  8. How are your opponents scoring off of you?
  9. Describe your warm-up routine.
  10. Is your warm-up getting you ready? Do you want or need to change anything?
  11. What is your basic strategy?
  12. What patterns do you see repeating themselves? (Good or bad)
  13. What do you need in practice?
  14. What do you need from the coaching staff during competition? (Warm-up, pre-match, match, post-match)
  15. How would you lose if you lost a match tomorrow?
  16. How is your conditioning level?
  17. What are you thinking about during a match?
  18. How is your weight management? Do you feel strong afterward?
  19. Is there anything else you need in order to wrestle and prepare to compete at the highest level?