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We will try to compile the most frequently asked questions about Darkhorse Wrestling on this page. While it may not be all encompassing, hopefully the common informational items of interest to most people will end up being covered here. If your question is still not answered after reading through this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us or send an email directly ( darkhorsewrestlingnc@gmail.com )

Q: How does my wrestler get started with Darkhorse?
A: We encourage all wrestlers to visit during a practice and make sure Darkhorse is a good fit for you. Once your sure its a good fit, simply go to our Member Registration Links page and complete a registration package and get an AAU Membership. Bring both of these to your first practice.
Q: Ok, I tried it, I liked it, now what?
A: Glad you decided to join us. If you already filled out a waiver and obtained an AAU card (on the Registration and Tuition page) then you are ahead of the game. Simply ensure the package is filled out and turn it in at your next practice.
Q: What age groups are currently practicing at Darkhorse?
A: We currently have high school, middle school, youth, and Beginners wrestlers. If you have a wrestler and your interested in Darkhorse, please reach out to us via our contact page and we’ll get right back to you. We want to make sure Darkhorse is a great fit for you and your wrestler.
Q: Do you do freestyle or greco?
A: Yes – Our goal is to balance our wrestling training and technique sessions between the three styles. In late March we “flip the switch” from Folkstyle to Freestyle and Greco. We train Freestyle and Greco until mid-summer.
Q: How much does Darkhorse cost?
A: Please reference our Registration and Tuition page. We strive to keep Darkhorse as affordable as possible for all of current and prospective wrestlers while continuing to grow our club. If you have any questions regarding tuition, please reach out to discuss them with us.
Q: How does my wrestler get to wrestle on the Darkhorse ‘team’?
A: We have two types of tournaments we compete in – Individual and dual team. Any Darkhorse wrestler is welcome (and encouraged) to compete in our scheduled/sanctioned individual tournaments. Dual team tournaments are very similar to high school or middle school teams. Coaches determine dual team lineups through practice sessions and wrestle-offs. Bottom line is there is a lot of hard work that goes into cracking the dual team lineup.
Q: What other opportunities will my wrestler have to compete if they don’t win a dual team spot?
A: First and foremost there is a lot of competition in our practice sessions. Your wrestler will see a lot of live wrestling by simply coming to practice. The individual tournaments are another great source of ‘mat time’ to gain experience. In some cases, where feasible, we will try to take multiple dual teams to tournaments where we feel we can field multiple competitive teams. Taking multiple teams opens up more spots/opportunities for wrestlers to compete for Darkhorse.
Q: What tournaments are you planning on competing in?
A: We are constantly evaluating opportunities to get our wrestlers competitive matches. With that in mind, we are constantly tweaking our competition schedule. Our current (tentative) schedule can be found on our Event Calendar page. Keep checking back, we’ll continue to add to and improve the schedule over the coming weeks.
Q: Another phone question. “My son has a goal to wrestle in college, what can Darkhorse do to help him reach that goal?”
A: First and foremost it needs to be recognized that your son will be the one who makes that happen. Being a college wrestler takes a lot more than being a great wrestler. He will have to excel on and off the mat especially in the classroom. There have been 41+ Darkhorse wrestlers who have signed with colleges over the last 4 years signing with NCAA Division 1 schools such as NC State, App State, Virginia Tech, the Air Force Academy, Campbell University, Davidson, and Duke as well as Division 2 schools such as Anderson University, Coker College, and Belmont Abbey, etc.

The coaching staff helps kids that want to wrestle in college by focusing not only on their wrestling but also what it takes to succeed at the collegiate level in terms of focus and performance. As they say, getting there is one thing, staying there is another. The staff also has an extensive network of contacts throughout college wrestling that may help in the recruiting process as it progresses. But it will take dedication from your wrestler to ensure that he is ready to wrestle at the collegiate level. Darkhorse will do everything we can to ensure we enable that to happen.