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Wrestlers are welcome to 2 hours of Live wrestling supervised by Darkhorse Coaching Staff Members. All of us at Darkhorse Wresting are committed to providing area wrestlers with a safe, affordable and “pressure-free” opportunity to grow in the sport. 

friday night live is free

Friday Night Live is completely FREE for everyone.

Come join the battle!

NOTE – All Wrestlers must have a signed waiver on file at DH to participate in this event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Battle Dates

december 17th 2021

REgister here

Waiver Form

How it works

  1. Arrive at Darkhorse Wrestling – 2941 Interstate Street at 6:00 pm
  2. Complete LIABILITY WAIVER (if not already on file) and declare your weight
  3. Find another wrestler who is near your weight.
  4. Agree on a style (Freestyle, Folkstyle, Greco)
  5. Just Wrestle – Stay as long as you want and wrestle as many times as you want

Who Should Participate?

Friday Night Live is designed for all wrestlers with all levels of experience – i.e. Youth, Middle School or High School wrestlers who want good mat-time in an informal setting. 

Friday Night Live is especially good for COMPETETIVE wrestlers who want to try out new technique in a “live” setting with unfamiliar partners.  It is also good for ROOKIE wrestlers who are reluctant to compete because of a perceived lack of readiness. Its good for all wrestlers!!

At Friday Night Live there will be:

  • NO on-mat coaching
  • NO referees
  • NO score keeping
  • NO winning or losing


Friday Night Live is an opportunity for all YOUTH, MIDDLESCHOOL and HIGHSCHOOL wrestlers. Friday Night Live is NOT a tournament!!

– It’s an experience that should not be missed!!