1. Constantly look to score. Focus on putting points on the board, not winning the match.
  2. Score the next point. Each moment of wrestling.
  3. Win the battle off the whistle. (top and bottom)
  4. Look to turn and pin (don’t just ride).
  5. Your tie or no tie. Never hang-out in his tie-up. Don’t “hang-out” in your tie-up either. Move him and score.
  6. Take the most risks and score the most points. Don’t “feel him” out.
  7. Be the last one wrestling (at end of periods and by the out of bounds).
  8. Be the most intense person on the mat.
  9. Feel good out there. Keep that good feeling the whole match no matter what.
  10. Have fun. It’s just a game out there. Don’t blow it out of proportion.
  11. Win the match 2 or 3 times. Don’t get frustrated/mad/hang head after a bad call, mistake, opponent comes back, etc. Beat him again.
  12. Be quick but don’t hurry.
  13. Control the pace/tempo. Don’t “wait and see.”
  14. Finish the period on top.
  15. Blow him away! It doesn’t have to be close. Step on their throat and make them remember you.
  16. WRESTLE … Don’t overthink/overanalyze.
  17. Score last! Don’t sit on leads. Put the match away.
  18. Pull the trigger. Be the one to go. Err on the side of gutsy.
  19. Win all overtimes. Dig down deep and let your heart show during the match.
  20. Wrestle in the moment. Refocus immediately after mistakes/bad calls.