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The Weekend Wars, the #1 off-season wrestling experience in NC, will return to Darkhorse in April 2019 for it's 3rd year. Over the past 2 years we have experienced an unprecedented number of off-season wrestlers participating in this event!!  The majority of these athletes wrestle between 6-10 matches during the Wars and all are making gains and becoming better wrestlers.

The Weekend Wars are completely FREE for Darkhorse Members (Unlimited and Beginner/Youth) and only $10.00 for everyone else. 

All of us at Darkhorse Wresting are committed to providing area wrestlers with a safe, affordable and "pressure-free" opportunity to grow in the sport. 

Come join the battle!

NOTE - All Wrestlers must have a signed waiver on file at DH to participate in this event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Click here for:  Waiver Form

Battle Dates

May 11th 2019
June 15th 2019
July 20th 2019

NEW FOR 2019 - To help ensure wrestlers experience the most amount of matches in a short period of time, we will split the sessions up into grade levels. K - 6 will wrestle from 9:00-11:00, and grades 7 - 12 will wrestle from 11:30 - 1:30.

How it Works:

  1. Arrive at Darkhorse Wrestling - 2941 Interstate Street at 0830

  2. Complete LIABILITY WAIVER (if not already on file) and declare your weight

  3. Find another wrestler who is near your weight.

  4. Agree on a style (Freestyle, Folkstyle, Greco)

  5. Just Wrestle – Stay as long as you want and wrestle as many times as you want


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Who Should Participate?

The Weekend Wars is designed for all wrestlers with all levels of experience - i.e. Youth, Middle School or High School wrestlers who want good mat-time in an informal setting.  The Weekend Wars is especially good for COMPETETIVE wrestlers who want to try out new technique in a “live” setting with unfamiliar partners.  It is also good for ROOKIE wrestlers who are reluctant to compete because of a perceived lack of readiness. Its good for all wrestlers!!

On a combined basis, last year we saw hundreds of wrestlers compete in literally thousands of informal matches at the WARS! 

What makes the Weekend Wars different?

At the Weekend Wars there will be - 

  • NO on-mat coaching

  • NO referees

  • NO score keeping

  • NO winning or losing



The Weekend Wars is an off-season wrestling opportunity for all YOUTH, MIDDLESCHOOL and HIGHSCHOOL wrestlers. The WEEKEND WARS is NOT a tournament!! – It’s an experience that should not be missed!!