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To participate in any Darkhorse Wrestling practices, camps or clinics, wrestlers must have a signed Waiver of Liability on file.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Darkhorse Wrestling Registration and Waiver - please download/print and complete both pages. 


All wrestlers must have a current AAU membership prior to practicing at Darkhorse.  AAU membership cards for the 2017-18 fiscal year are now available for purchase.  AAU memberships should be obtained/renewed before your first practice in September. 

Near the completion of the membership application, there will be an opportunity to associate with a club - please use the following code WWA9AT and ensure Darkhorse Wrestling is selected.  Also, please bring a printed copy of your AAU card to your first practice.

Click Here - Purchase your AAU Membership 

*Additional cards/memberships may be required depending on the future tournaments that are scheduled and their respective sanctioning bodies.


Beginner/Youth Membership - This membership is for beginner-youth wrestlers only.  Our beginner wrestlers practice each Sunday afternoon.  The cost of a beginner membership is $60/month payable in cash, check or via PayPal subscription service.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 2nd, Darkhorse will add a second WEEKLY training opportunity for all Beginner/Youth Wrestlers. This session will run from 6:30pm-7:45pm, each Wednesday night.  Specific areas of development will include: tumbling skills, knowledge of wrestling drills/skills and strength development. This class will compliment the Sunday Beginner/Youth session and should not be viewed as a replacement.  The cost of each Wednesday session will be $10, paid on a drop-in basis at the door. 

Note - At the start of the next AAU Season (September 2018), this additional Wednesday session will become part of our permanent Beginner/Youth schedule and the monthly tuition costs for the Beginner/Youth program will be increased from $60/mo to $80/mo.   

Unlimited Membership - This membership is for ALL wrestlers who wish to train consistently on an unlimited basis.  This membership entitles members to all 4 training sessions, each week. The cost of the Unlimited Membership is $100/month payable in cash, check or via PayPal subscription service.

"Drop in" Daily Fee - Wrestlers who are not Darkhorse Members may drop-in and participate in any scheduled training session.  The cost is $15/session payable in cash or check at the Darkhorse Admin Office.  Wrestlers who choose to join Darkhorse following their drop-in may apply the $15 to their first months tuition.

  • Darkhorse Drop-in Rate                                                                                    $15/session
  • Darkhorse Beginner/Youth Member                          (Sunday only)                $60/Month
  • Darkhorse Unlimited Member - Youth/MS/HS          (2-4 sessions/week)     $100/Month
  • Darkhorse Unlimited Member + any/all Siblings      (2-4 sessions/week)      $160/Month  

*If you wish to pre-pay for the season/a group of drop-in sessions/the Year - please visit us in the Darkhorse Admin Office. Significant pre-pay discounts will apply.


Darkhorse Wrestling is a 501C(3) not for profit organization which is dedicated to growing and supporting the sport of wrestling in our community.  As such, and regardless of a wrestler's ability to pay, we are committed to ensuring that EVERY child who wants to wrestle is provided that opportunity.  Tuition scholarships are available for select individuals based on need and commitment to the sport.  All inquiries will be held strictly confidential.  Please see a member of the Darkhorse staff for more information.


PAYPAL RECURRING PAYMENTS - The preferred method of paying monthly tuition is through PayPal, as a "subscription-type" transaction.  PayPal's subscription service will ensure that your tuition is processed securely and timely.  

CASH/CHECK PAYMENTS - Unless tuition is paid using our recurring PayPal subscription service, tuition payments are due on the first day of each month.  These payments must be received by the 5th of the month in order for your wrestler to remain active.  Inactive wrestlers will not be permitted to wrestle until accounts are made current.  If you're joining the club mid-month, we ask that your first month's (prorated) cash/check payment be made directly to the Darkhorse Administration Office.  After this partial month, subsequent tuition payments are due on the 1st.  


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